Tech training in Singapore

(Tech training in Singapore has grown in importance, especially in 2020. Even as we refresh this article only a year after publishing it, the world already looks different as countries scramble to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.) Technology continues to disrupt almost every sector. In parallel, tech training has grown in importance in Singapore and […]

Why training is the best investment for any ICT company

Continual development of employees is important for all businesses, in every industry. This is even more important in the technology sector. The technology industry is defined by fast-paced, constantly changing trends. As a result, creating, understanding, adopting and marketing new technologies is crucial for success. In 2016, 83 percent of executives in the technology, media and telecommunications […]

Getting ready for Cloud in Singapore

In October 2018, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the Singapore government will begin to use commercial cloud services: “The question for the government is not whether we do it, but to what extent we can use the cloud.” By setting an example, the government hopes to push Singapore businesses to be more ready […]

What you need to know about Cloud?

What is all the fuss about cloud computing and is it useful for my business? Before we tackle the question, it is useful to have some basic understanding of cloud which might clear the fog for some. Cloud computing goes back to the 1950s with mainframe computers. It evolved to communication networks in the 60s […]

The benefits for going on Cloud

Migrating to cloud certainly has many benefits. However, do note that cloud may not be for everyone at this point. Businesses will have to evaluate your needs and if cloud is applicable, and which deployment model to use. Questions which might be useful in deciding if cloud is a fit for your business include: “Will […]

Getting your IoT business-ready

Internet of Things (IoT) is now one of the buzzwords in the world of technology. IoT is changing how we live and work. From connected vehicles and wearable tech, to building automation and asset management for business, the demand for IoT devices and technology has been steadily on the rise. According to Premium-Statistic, the number of […]