Challenges and limitations of adopting IoT

In 2018, some industry watchers noted that IoT adoption in Southeast Asia was still in its infancy, with only 8 percent implementing the technology. A Gartner technology agenda survey of CIOs in Southeast Asia which conducted early 2019 reported that 11 percent of CIOs ranked IoT as their “top game-changing technology,” while 21 percent said they […]

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

But why would we want so many connected devices talking to each other? There are many examples for how this might look and the potential value as a result. For eg, on your way to a meeting, your car accesses your calendar and already knows the best route to take. If the traffic is heavy, […]

What to expect from Blockchain?

We have seen how blockchain can change the way people share information, buy and sell, interact with institutions, prove our identity, and even verify authenticity— from the food we eat, to the medicine we take. It will also augment other advanced technologies, supercharging both artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Are these what we […]

The 5 limitations and challenges of Blockchains

3rd C: Cost of the blockchain Cost can be considered on two fronts – cost as a barrier to scale and the increasing transaction cost. a) Scalability Blockchain relies on encryption and consensus to provide security over a distributed network. In order to “prove” that a user has permission to write in the chain, complex […]

What you need to know about Blockchain

In the next 2 posts, we will be looking at the limitations and challenges of blockchain, and its possibilities and trends.   READ ALSO: What to expect from blockchain?   Note: Explanation adapted from: Leng, HL (2018). Decrypted: A Financial Trader’s Take on Cryptocurrency   This article is contributed by Moses Ku, Manager (Engagement), IndSights Research.