5 trends in the future of MedTech

5 MedTech trends The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis like no other.  At the time of writing, we saw more than six million infected and more than 300,000 deaths according to WHO’s statistics. The challenges for economies across the world are especially clear on the frontlines of healthcare. In this article, we look at 5 MedTech [...]

The MedTech scene in Singapore

The MedTech scene in Singapore   In our previous story, we discussed the use of MedTech in the battle against COVID-19. We move closer home in part 2 of our 3-series articles to look at the MedTech scene in Singapore. According to a McKinsey report, Asia-Pacific’s MedTech market is poised to grow to about US$133 billion in 2020, [...]

MedTech in fighting COVID-19

MedTech in fighting COVID-19 In no other time have we heard more about Medical Technology (MedTech) than now, with MedTech being deployed in fighting COVID-19. I used to imagine that MedTech companies consisted of super scientists working in an industry shrouded in mystery. To be sure, there are many cerebral minds in the MedTech industry, [...]