Demystifying Cyberattacks and Threats

Cyber threats and cyberattacks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are overt ransomware attacks, while others are covert threats where criminals infiltrate a system to gain valuable data. Read more about the basics of cybersecurity HERE.   What is a cyber threat or cyberattack? A cyberattack is mounted against our digital devices via cyberspace. [...]

Understanding the Basics of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a priority now more than ever. In a world currently preoccupied with the COVID-19 crisis, we forget that there is also a growing cybercrime pandemic. In the first of our series, we look at the basics of cybersecurity for some fundamental understanding. We do not have to look far to see how important cybersecurity is. According to Hiscox, a Bermuda-based insurance provider, cyber losses rose about six times worldwide in the [...]