From Code to Culture: Singapore’s Homegrown Cybersecurity Consulting Firm Redefines Technology with a Passion for People and Innovations

(This is a multi-part business profile series by IndSights Research, featuring inspiring business leaders from different industries in Singapore.)  In the digital age, where innovation thrives and threats lurk in every shadow, cybersecurity companies face a unique conundrum: attracting and retaining the talent needed to build the future-proof fortresses of tomorrow. This requires a calibrated […]

Cybersecurity in Singapore

In this article, we will look at cybersecurity in Singapore. While some topics will overlap with the previous articles where we looked at what are cyberattacks and some cybersecurity best practices companies can start with, to protect their business, we hope to contextualize some cybersecurity issues at the local level. In Aug 2020, the Cybersecurity Public Awareness Survey […]

Cybersecurity best practices for businesses

For an SME (small and medium enterprise), it is tempting to assume we are too small to be a cyberattack target and so do not need to invest in cybersecurity. According to Security Boulevard, nearly half of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 37 percent of small business owners reported believing they were at […]

Demystifying cyberattacks and threats

Cyberattacks and threats come in all shapes and sizes. Some are overt ransomware attacks, while others are covert threats where criminals infiltrate a system to gain valuable data. Read more about the basics of cybersecurity HERE.   What is a cyber threat or cyberattack? A cyberattack is mounted against our digital devices via cyberspace. Cyberattacks […]