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IndSights’ greatest assets are our exceptional people. While we are on the journey of impact and growth with a passion for making Singapore better for local companies through rigorous research and industry insights, we also enable and empower our people to do what they need to do well.

Hear what some of our team has to say.

Female asian staff at IndSights Research

Sara Gopal
Manager, Research

Life at IndSights has been a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable journey. I’ve been able to develop my managerial skills in a safe and supportive environment and learn more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses. The team is helpful with a strong culture of learning and innovation, where we always seek to better our work processes and professional skills. My analytical skills have been sharpened further, allowing me to look at data from a wide range of perspectives, and the touchpoints with business leaders add colour and meaning to our data, contributing to policy-making in Singapore.

Male asian staff at IndSights Research

Khoo Chee Peng
Assistant Manager, Research

What I like best about IndSights is that we have a very friendly and caring workplace where everyone is willing to help one another. While the workload might be challenging at times, IndSights has excellent work-life balance overall and the management team is understanding and supportive. At IndSights, we are responsible for helping the government understand business issues on the ground. Knowing that my job has an impact on the well-being of Singaporean businesses makes me feel fulfilled. Interacting and working closely with business leaders and hearing their perspectives on various issues has also broadened my perspectives.

Female asian staff at IndSights Research

Ellenie Liew
Research Executive

The IndSights’ team is largely horizontal and genuine. We readily help each other so no one is left without sufficient support. Yet, we are also given the freedom to lead in our individual tasks, resulting in personal satisfaction and taking full credit for our work. It continues to be a great experience learning to take charge of the end-to-end research processes, where understanding business initiatives and concerns of business leaders translates into work that provides valuable insights to improve the support for Singapore businesses.

Female asian staff at IndSights Research

Lau Mei Hui
Research Executive

I appreciate that IndSights prioritises the importance of its employees’ learning and development through active upskilling to gain both diversified and specialised skillsets that are essential in remaining relevant and competent in the research field. Working in IndSights has given me the opportunity to better understand the overall business landscape and to suggest actionable insights from our research that help shape key policies and initiatives and improve support for SMEs.

Female asian staff at IndSights Research

Trixi Lim
Assistant Research Executive

I appreciate that at IndSights, suggestions from team members to optimise our work processes are acted on. This demonstrates that the team actively strives to improve, be it in work operations or other areas. Being able to gather companies’ sentiments to help shape how government policies are crafted for businesses is meaningful to me.

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