Cloud Adoption in Singapore

Information & Communications Technology and Media  |  13 Aug 2020

Cloud Adoption in Singapore


In October 2018, Prime Minister of Singapore Mr. Lee Hsien Loong announced that the government would move part of its IT systems onto commercial clouds. Mr. Chan Cheow Hoe, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer and Deputy Chief Executive at GovTech, noted that the key advantage would be the access to a global ecosystem of solutions and services such as application programming interfaces and software-as-a-service.

To find out if companies were similarly influenced by this push, IndSights Research conducted a study on cloud adoption by ICT businesses in Singapore.


Our findings

As a result of the study, on the current state of cloud adoption among Singapore ICT companies, we found that:

  • 31 percent were fully on cloud infrastructure
  • 46 percent were on a mix/hybrid of traditional and cloud
  • 23 percent were fully on traditional infrastructure

In addition, our research supports the findings from the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index report. According to the report in early 2019, Singapore respondents intended to cut traditional infrastructure adoption from 42 percent to 17 percent over 2 years. Hybrid cloud adoption was expected to rise from 18 percent to 46 percent over the same period.

Mr. Howie Lau, Chief Industry Development Officer of the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), believes that the use of commercial cloud will continue to grow (link).
Interestingly, IndSights Research found that about only 1 in 2 of the companies polled are on public cloud. This is surprising given the growing awareness and the government’s push for cloud adoption.


Benefits of Cloud

IndSights Research was curious as to why companies adopted Cloud and the perceived benefits. We found the following to be the top 3 benefits:

  1. Scalability (73 percent),
  2. Not needing to invest in equipment (64 percent), and
  3. Agility (48 percent)

Separately, 1 in 5 companies were still thinking about or had no plans to adopt cloud. IndSights Research found that 49 percent of the cloud adopters said that they faced a lack of manpower and expertise when switching to cloud.

Related to the push to do digital, businesses lacking relevant expertise may tap on IMDA’s Tech Skills Accelerator programme or GoCloud initiative for help. More than half (54 percent) expressed interest in GoCloud. If you are interested to find out more, write to us at 

For further information, you may read more on IndSights Research’s previous studies here:

If you are thinking of adopting cloud, IndSights Research proposes 8 steps to take based on cloud literature. For more details, refer to the infographics at the end of the article.

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About the study

237 IT decision makers from Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) companies were polled between November and December 2019. Participants of the poll receive a more detailed report.

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