Unlocking Growth: AI Adoption for Singapore Businesses Part 1

Information & Communications Technology and Media  |  09 Jul 2024

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The business landscape is undergoing a seismic shift fuelled by rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). These advancements are transforming how companies operate, compete, and innovate, with the aim to improve business efficiency and ensure growth.

For Singapore businesses, embracing AI is now less of a future consideration.  

In March 2024, panel discussions at IndSights Research’s Business Leaders Forum highlighted the importance of identifying specific business challenges where AI can deliver measurable value, such as using it for prediction and automation to optimise operations.  

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The State of AI Adoption in Singapore

IndSights Research found that, in the next three years, 75 percent of businesses are planning to adopt at least one AI tool for their business. The finding demonstrates that Singapore businesses are cognizant of AI’s potential as a tool to improve business productivity and in turn, enhance competitiveness. But as cautioned by our expert panelists, businesses should first align their AI adoption strategies with overarching business needs. 

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Some other benefits of AI include:  

  • Improved Customer Experience 
  • Enhanced Innovation 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making 

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Challenges of AI Adoption

Despite the growing awareness of the significant benefits that AI brings, it is important to be cognizant of the possible roadblocks, which IndSights has learnt from our community of business leaders:  

  • Integration with Existing Systems 
  • Identifying Right Use Cases 
  • Talent Shortage 
Two business leaders looking at a screen full of graphs and datasets
Businesses should prioritise aligning their AI adoption strategies with overarching business needs, and with the mindset of overcoming challenges.

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Build an AI Adoption Framework

To guide your business on your AI adoption journey, we will explore a model that can serve as a framework. Establish your company’s baseline, consider your business objectives, determine the level you need to reach, and plan your path toward successful AI implementation. You can model your efforts after the Seven Levels of AI Adoption model. To access this model, register your interest for our AI polls.


The Power of AI for Singapore Businesses

Singapore’s business landscape is undergoing a revolution driven by AI. From automating mundane tasks to personalising customer experiences, AI offers companies a powerful tool to not only keep pace, but leapfrog ahead of the competition. 

However, navigating the world of AI and implementing it effectively can be a challenge. This first part of our AI thought leadership series has explored the key benefits and challenges of AI adoption for Singapore businesses. 

In part two of this series, we will outline practical steps your company can take to enhance your AI adoption process to turn potential into reality. We will also explore the valuable support programs available for Singapore businesses venturing into the exciting world of AI. 

Stay tuned –– the future of your business powered by AI awaits! 

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This article is contributed by Moses Ku, Senior Research Manager, IndSights Research.

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