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By participating in our research, you will receive a complimentary report of key insights and trends from the study. Your feedback, through our research, will be heard by relevant government agencies as we work with key stakeholders to provide industry insights to help shape policies affecting your company and industry.

IndSights Research is dedicated to better understanding the issues and sentiments of Singapore companies through rigorous research that enables government, companies and businesses to create better outcomes for the industry.

By participating, you also get the opportunity to stay updated on the trends in your industry through our reports and newsletters, as well as engagement sessions.

We try to limit the number of surveys we send to each respondent. However, there are studies, e.g. business sentiment surveys, which need to be done periodically for timely and actionable data. Such surveys are sent at a regular frequency with similar questions. These studies allow us to track data trends and make comparisons over time. We routinely review the frequency and length of our studies.

IndSights Research is dedicated to better understanding the issues and sentiments of Singapore companies through rigorous research that enables government, companies and businesses to create better outcomes for the industry. The research areas we focus on include business leaders’ opinions of issues facing Singapore companies, particularly in the ICT industry, as well views on government schemes and assistance available to companies.

IndSights Research periodically shares key insights and trends aggregated from our surveys. These are disseminated via email, LinkedIn or published on our website.

We are reaching out to companies in the 23 key industries in Singapore based on their SSIC (Singapore Standard Industrial Classification) code. Your contacts were obtained from desktop research and publicly available sources.

Where possible, surveys conducted by IndSights Research will not duplicate similar areas covered by other polls, as they have different objectives and serve different purposes. However, it may be necessary to ask questions of similar nature such as firmographic information, which we may not be able to obtain from a third party, and which is critical to understanding the industry better. Such information is important for us to analyse the survey data more accurately and meaningfully.

Your responses will be kept in strict confidence and only used for statistical purposes in aggregated form. No individual company or person is identifiable through any form of analysis or reporting, which reflect only broad sentiments in percentages. Personal information is kept confidential and separated from your answers prior to analysis, so that individual research participants’ identities cannot be traced from the results.

At the stage of administering the surveys, our survey system will automatically prompt when there is no response from the companies that were emailed. This is done as some companies may have overlooked our email or may have completed only part of the survey. In this instance, you will receive a reminder email.

Your participation is voluntary unless otherwise stated. You may contact us HERE to opt out of the study.

Having specific contacts helps us identify the right person to speak to about topics relevant to them, e.g. HR manager for issues on talent management. In addition, some respondents may be busy or away when we conduct our surveys and an alternative contact enables us to continue collecting useful data from your company, which will help the industry and you.

We are committed to policies, practices and processes that safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of our respondents’ personal and company data, in compliance with the PDPA. IndSights Research has technical, administrative and physical safeguards to protect the personal and company data as well any confidential information we collect. Personal or company data held by IndSights Research will never be passed on to competitors without consent or be used for marketing purposes. We regularly review our data protection measures to ensure that your data is protected from loss, unauthorised access, collection, use, modification, disclosure, or similar risks.

IndSights Research is always interested to hear direct feedback from the ground, from company leaders and management staff. Such feedback sessions allow us to complement our surveys with rich qualitative data.

If you would like to have a chat with us, write to moses.ku@indsights.sg to make an appointment.

We like to keep our respondents updated on useful industry news and the latest findings from our research, even studies that you were not involved in. Through our newsletter, we aggregate technology related news from around the globe as well as interesting articles just for you. We add most of the companies we have onboarded or have met as a standard practice. If you do not wish to receive such information, you may choose to unsubscribe at any time.

If you have suggestions on how we may improve, we would be happy to hear from you at moses.ku@indsights.sg.

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Thank you for your interest in IndSights Research. At the moment, we are unable to take on any more projects as our team is fully committed for projects for the rest of the year.

It does not cost you anything to take part in this survey and you will not be charged for any of our research reports. There is no payment for participation in any of our research.

Our survey participants are selected from the population of companies that are classified as being in any of the 23 key industries in the Singapore economy based on their SSIC (Singapore Standard Industrial Classification) code. Companies are asked to voluntarily participate in the survey if they meet the profile of interest for that study.

The DNC registry is meant for telemarketing calls or commercial messages. Our work is not covered under this as it is meant for research purposes only.

For more information on the DNC registry, you may wish to visit the Personal Data Protection Commission’s website at www.pdpc.gov.sg.

We adhere to market and social research standards and ethics, and are committed to protecting the personal information of our research participants.

Participation in our survey is completely voluntary and recording of your responses is only done with your consent. You have the right to refuse to answer any question and/or to discontinue participation in the research at any point. We do not use your personal data or information for marketing or sales purposes.

Please refer to our Data Privacy Policy for more information.