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BSS FY23 Q1 April - June 2023

Business Sentiment Survey
(Apr – Jun 2023)

Business sentiment survey for various industries in FY22 Q4 by IndSights Research

Business Sentiment Survey
(Jan – Mar 2023)

Mother working from home with her child hanging on her back

Is hybrid work arrangement the future of work?

A picture showing a group of Singaporeans dining on street food

Singapore’s Food Services Industry in 2023 and beyond

"SMEs in Singapore have an ability to be proactive and be well prepared for the inevitable inclusion of Scope 3 emissions as a business cost factor."

Singapore SMEs and sustainability: Taking a proactive stance

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IndSights Research is a not-for-profit industry research company in Singapore dedicated to better understanding issues facing Singapore companies. Working closely with key stakeholders, we seek to provide industry insights that can shape policies and initiatives for the benefit of the industry. We conduct our studies through:

  • Surveys
  • Focus group discussions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Engagement sessions with business leaders

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